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Dynamic Batteries are renowned not only for their quality, but also their performance and durability. These high specification batteries are supplied and fitted as original equipment by the leading car manufacturers including BMW, Audi, Ford, Volkswagen, Nissan and Toyota.

Batteries available:

  • Motorcycle batteries
  • Automotive batteries
  • Caravan batteries
  • Leisure batteries
  • dynamic 2Mobility batteries
  • Camping batteries
  • Marine batteries
  • Heavy duty batteries
  • Lead acid batteries
  • VRLA battery suppliers

Battery care do’s and dont’s


  • Store batteries in a clean and dry area (in order to prevent deterioration)
  • Store batteries in a fully charged state
  • Ensure a correct polarity connection when recharging and fitting
  • Follow proper recharging schedules to prevent overcharging. Ensure charging is conducted in a well ventilated area
  • Ensure that the battery is always clean and dry, with the terminals coated in vaseline or no-oxide grease
  • Do practice stock rotation and use a first-in-first-out system at all times


  • Do not top up cells with acid or tap water. Use only battery approved water.
  • Do not store batteries in a discharged state
  • Do not test batteries by shorting across terminal posts with wire, spanners, etc
  • Do not allow open flames or sparks near a battery as it could explode (batteries give off flammable gases)
  • Do not use a single spanner to the terminal clamp as this could damage the post lid seal. Use a spanner to the nut and a spanner to the bolt
  • Do not use the starter motor to propel the vehicle, or leave the vehicle parked with accessories switched on

We also provide an old battery environmentally friendly disposal service.